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Logo Design in Kenya

Affordable Logo Design Services in Kenya

Business Logo Design – Kenya

We design the best value logos in Kenya. We are a professional custom logo design company with all our logo designers based in Nairobi Kenya. Conecraft our main focus when it comes to logo design is producing high quality custom designed logos for business of all sizes including individuals. We know how important it is for a business to communicate to prospects in a glance and what better way to communicate a business than with properly designed logo that speaks volume. A professionally designed company logo can reveal the industry you serve, products and services you are likely to be offering. We can deliver the initial logo designs within 48 hours ready to be used for print or online in a website. We stand for cost effective Kenya logo design services.

Cost Effective Logo Design Services

Are you venturing a new business ideal? One of the things you will need when launching your company is a professional logo designed to make you a brand name. The power of a company logo can never be underestimated; a well thought out logo design is not only great but also goes a long way to build confidence and trust into your niche market. Your company logo design reflects the personality of your brand identity, which could in turn make or break your business success. Do you have an existing business logo whose design no longer represents your company? Talk to us, we can help enhance your business image and build a strong brand identity for your company.

Why choose us for your company custom logo design

  • We will turn your vision into a stunning, eye-catching and professional looking logo design
  • Your logo design with its ultimate look will help you install confidence into your target market
  • Your logo design will be 100% unique and original – We never use clipart or templates
  • Your logo design will look spectacular both in colour and black & white (for copy, fax, etc.)
  • Your logo design will preserve its detail even if you turn it into a smaller size
  • Your logo design comes with free revisions to ensure your 100% satisfaction
  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
  • Stand the test of time

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Hospital Management Software

The top and the most used Hospital Management System in Kenya, the software makes it easy for medical practices, hospitals, clinics private doctors, and other healthcare organizations in Nairobi and the entire country to manage the increasingly complex medical coding and billing rules imposed by health insurance companies and government agencies. The software is designed with healthcare administration in mind and will help physicians and healthcare administrators tackle time consuming tasks such as electronic medical records (EMR) management, medical credentialing, manage compliances, regulatory requirements and improve employee and productivity within the facility. ACS HEALTHPRO helps and simplifies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. Without this insurance claims could be rejected because certain data will be absent or incorrect. If you already use EMR software and plan to add a practice management software package to your system, keep in mind that the two programs are more likely to be interoperable if they’re both from the same vendor.

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