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Odoo ERP Open source application is quickly advancing, with the emergence of newer versions that boast of improved functionalities. It also offers amazing office features which deliver an easy general user experience. What’s more, it provides you a fully integrated suite. Odoo Core Modules: Inventory,Point of Sale(POS),Manufacturing,Sales,Purchase & Accounting Apps Project ……Cloud Computing-ERP’s on cloud.

Conecraft Technologies Ltd has a competent Odoo department that offers complete ERP and CRM solutions for clients across Kenya.  We have the experience in Odoo ERP implementation in Kenya for year. Ours passion is providing ERP solutions.

  • Retail/Wholesale business
  • Logistics
  • Corporates
  • Schools / colleges
  • Pharma and Hospitals ,health care

ERP strategies are very vital in the growth of businesses. With this in mind, we adapt to the client’s business system and develop a strategy to build a perfect Odoo ERP solution with an easy user experience. Our team of ERP experts perform the requirement analysis after the feasibility study and provide a full cycle from Odoo design, customization, Odoo open-source implementation, integration, custom module development, and deployment.

 CRM in Odoo helps you manage your sales effectively. Attract leads. Follow up the clients. Call, and meet with the Odoo CRM Module. The CRM module in Odoo allows the clients portal , they track the sales and marketing activities. Moreover, you can evaluate the quality of leads to measure and make informed decisions by integrating the services to the application.

Other features of the Odoo CRM include:

  • Bringing social integration to your sales Process: With this, you can be in touch with the social media insights (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..)
  • Leading management: It makes it easy to receive the leads directly to your email. Find duplicate leads and assign them to the right person.
  • Organizing your plans: Stay tuned with your deals and manage all your client interactions in one place
  • Performance Delivery: Increase performance by automating tasks.

We integrate and customize the CRM Odoo in your organization effectively with the focus to streamline your business activities. We also carry out the computer Intergration telephony into the Odoo CRM. This makes it easy for you to manage the sales calls and effectively.

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